20. Why Don’t We

Boy bands return en masse in 2010s. But these boys brought …. “something different.”

19. Pusha T

King Push is a rare rapper that refuses to ever phone it in. He never runs out of fire to spit. Like a motherfuckin dragon. The guy’s 42 but he’s still gonna be relevant throughout the 2020s.

This is where Grimes grew up. Learn more about Canada here!

18. Grimes

Grimes is Canada’s lone representative on this list.

Her music transcends her larger-than-life, tabloid presence in the real world (if you can call a courtship with Elon Musk and bizarre feuds with Azealia Banks the “real world”). Art Angels is the decade’s best pop album. 

17. Hiss Golden Messenger

Saw Michael Taylor & the gang live recently and he was one of the coolest cats I’ve ever seen on stage. Michael bantered with the audience like we were old friends. Everyone in the band seemed impossibly chill and friendly. 

16. Four Tet

2010’s There Is Love In You is an iconic electronic album. I don’t think he’ll ever top it, but Mr. Hebden still put on a friggin clinic in so-called IDM with the rest of his output this decade.

15. Janelle Monae

Listen, everyone. Where’s the love for The Electric Lady? The ArchAndroid was awesome, obviously, but I need my Electric Lady-heads to emerge from the closet.

That hair would make for a fine headrest.

14. Car Seat Headrest

Will Toledo is an exceptional songwriter, good enough to make us forget how stupid his band’s name is.

13. Deerhunter

Deerhunter peaked in 2010 with the stunning Halcyon Digest but kept at it with the fantastic tunes throughout the entire decade. Yet they still feel under-appreciated. I hear they’re quite good live.

12. Hot Chip

Chip Heaps around the world were spoiled by the Hot Boys’ near-perfect output in the 2010s.

You’re such a grumpy joe, I love it.

11. Kanye West

My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy is obviously a classic, but I will ride or die for The Life of Pablo. The guy didn’t release anything genuinely mediocre until Jesus Is King.

10. Future Islands

There’s a rule that when you discuss Future Islands on the Internet, you have a sacred oath to link to the Letterman performance. So here you go. I also saw them live (at The Filling Station in Bozeman, Mont. … please visit this iconic establishment before they tear it down to make room for luxury condos) and it was the best show I’ve seen in my entire life.

9. Kendrick Lamar

Why blurb when I can link to The Blocland’s exclusive interview with Kendrick from April 2017!

This website’s really gone downhill, ain’t it?

Hot or not? I say HOT!

8. Kurt Vile

I appreciate him to the utmost degree.

7. Young Thug

How the hell was “Lifestyle” released in 2014? Song feels like eons ago. Thugger’s hook on the chorus is one of the great musical moments of the decade. And he was just getting started.

6. Charli XCX

Charli’s become the most popular artist to embrace PC Music and the astounding production of lads like Danny L Harle and AG Cook, so I’ll let Charli’s placement also stand in for the weirdo collective across the pond.

5. Nicolas Jaar

Mr. Jaar is 29 years old and released some of this decade’s most beautiful and innovative electronic music. I am 29 years old and am trying to learn “Stacy’s Mom” for an open mic.


4. Danny Brown

2019’s uknowhwatimsayin? is a victory lap for Mr. Brown, who was a complete force throughout the decade. The mind-blowing Atrocity Exhibition doesn’t get enough praise. 

3. Oneohtrix Point Never

Mr. Daniel Lopatin is very good with sounds. Psychotic sounds. Punishing sounds. Provocative sounds. Blissful sounds. Erotic sounds. He’s got ‘em all.

2. The War On Drugs

They released my #1 album of the goddamn decade.

“Last night I wrote a poem … Man I must have been in the poem zone.”

1. Father John Misty

Just because Father John is a treasured friend of The Blocland doesn’t mean he was entitled to this spot. That run of albums from Fear FunGod’s Favorite Customer is legendary.

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