Peach Pit- “Feelin’ Low”


On November 1st Peach Pit released the single “Feelin Low” from their anticipated album F*ckBoy Blues. I’ll admit, these breeches of mine are turning into dancey PANTS. In 2017, when fresh indie-pop acts such as Cuco, Boy Pablo and Declan McKenna came onto the scene, my inner 15 year old gave out a little shriek…. S H R I E K not Shrek. Point is, I was actually fanboying hard on the mushy teen stuffs. However, it really is not fair to group Peach Pit into that category. Their Freshman self titled, plus sophomore album Being So Normal were both cute, cuddly, moody and depressing. Singer Neil Smiths vocals are more so deeply aloof than candied or dreamy which produces a mature product over a simplistic bout of catchy tunes (no offense Cuco, we all know you are every teen girl’s Cariño). Besides, shouldn’t I mention they’re from Canada? I mean… it gives them some sort of instant pass into a dimension of feigned innocence, insecurity, and ignorance that us North Americans grasp onto because we want to believe in a white mecca that’s ‘doing it right’… er, and I digress. Anyway- I linked in a YouTuber er er er er video of the single for ya’ll to put into the ear holes and maybe get the dancey PANTS as well.

  • Cooolin

    My PANTS! They’re dancin!!!


      Colin’s pants can dance and if they don’t dance then he’s no friend of mine.